Hope you are doing well. There is exciting news.

'Tidbits: A Tale about Ants' is in print now!

This exciting tale of Ant Pye and her nest revolves around the ants who try to forage for food and tidbits, for the difficult winter season. Ant Pye also helps the drone Sty who falls into the honey pot though the drone has troubled her on more than one occasion. Meanwhile a storm hits and the ant nest is in trouble. However, The Queen ant tries to saves the ant nest from the terrible storm...

Don't miss the ebook on Amazon/Kindle or order the printed book by What's App: +919643689908/or email sushamakasbekar75@gmail.com. Priced at Rs. 199 plus postage the book has a discount of 20% for early buyers. Avail of this discount now!





Also glad to share the link for my new ebook "Parrots" published on Kindle/Amazon:


Here are some delightful poems for kids and their parents!

Read to the children and watch their faces light up when they view the attractive pictures of the beautiful parrots in different countries.

Introducing Reviews of plays and movies on the page entitled "My Clicks". Do have a look at the review of the Marathi play 'A Perfect Murder' being presented in Mumbai, Pune and other cities in Maharashtra.

Thanks for the many positive emails I have received after starting the website. I will try to reply to each one of you very soon. 

Do read "Bangkok Yatra" under   'Travel Tunes' on this website. It  will be a regular blog on this website penning my observations and journey in Bangkok, Thailand and other countries in South East Asia.  

As an educator, I will be sharing my experiences of 35 years as a Professor to help students improve  in my weekly Blog on this website. This time the blog is about "The Importance of Reading". It will help students in many areas: English language and literature, IELTS, Journalism and Mass Communication.  You can contact me at drsushama29@gmail.com or sushamakasbekar75@gmail.com.

Have a look at my work

Read about my presentations, books, research papers and other works.

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  1. Tax Dodgers, lol, want to read this novel.
    Palekar is a common Muslim surname Ratnagiri district. Many of them are my family friends. There are Palekars in East Africa. South Africa, settled there for 3-4 generations. I know some of them in Cape Town.

  2. Nice website with nice selection of menus too. I hope to visit as often as possible.

    My best wishes.



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  5. Dear Sushama….read all 5 parts of Yatra..liked Thainess…..& Ghosts…..it was hilarious to read that ” same Nirupa Roy” comment.
    However ur first experience of teaching at d Univ cld have had more examples to illustrate how u overcame d challenges of teaching such a diverse group of students.
    Keep writing….Cheerio. Rashmi.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and appreciation. I will try to share more information about my teaching career as well and how I overcame problems in it.

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