Review: A Perfect Murder (A Play in Marathi)

Directed by Vijay Kenkre, The Marathi play A Perfect Murder is a remake of Hitchcock's  "Dial M for Murder" which seeks to thrill the audience with its unexpected twists and turns. Even if you have watched the movie, it maybe interesting to watch the play which has a different story line in parts and different nuances.


This play revolves around a married couple Meera and Niranjan Muzumdar who seem outwardly happy but at facing problems of compatibility. Niranjan is a former cricketer and his wife Meera is an heiress. A year before she had an affair with a crime thriller writer Kamlesh. He had written to her often and one such romantic letter is missing from Meera's bag on the married couple's trip to Singapore. Meera and Kamlesh are both troubled and anxious about this. The problem gets aggravated further when Meera is blackmailed by an unknown person.

Meanwhile, Niranjan, greedy for his wife's wealth plans her murder. The plot becomes thicker when another villain is added to the plot as Niranjan who masterminds the murder plans to get someone else to actually murder his wife.This is a perfect murder which he plans meticulously, schemingly and shrewdly. However....the plan opens up many unknown facets as the play unravels.

Pushkar Shroti, Abhijit Kelkar and Shweta Pendse all accomplished actors on the Marathi stage impress. Satish Rajwade as Inspector Gharge brings new dimensions to the character and impresses with his acting and dialogue delivery. The play is commendable for its musical score which adds to the thrills and mystery. Dialogue delivery is crisp and clipped.

An exciting plot, commendable acting and slick direction are all attributes of this thriller. What could require improvement are the stage effects and decor. A must watch for those who enjoy suspense and crime



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